Saturday, January 11, 2014

Red Passion Sale Event is on now!

Our first themed sales room has started and the theme is as hot as it can be. "Red Passion" is our motto and if you think you can handle the fire come on in and grab the items for only max. 80L!

To make it a little bit more interesting you can vote for your favorite designer of this round on the right side.
Let the designers know how you liked them and award them with the special spot in the entrance next round!

Here are the items for you :

~Brii Underground Wear~



~Kalraye Confections~


~Toxic High~





~Myrai Style~

~C.C. Kre-ations~

~Sugel Co.~

~M O N T O N Y ~

~ Deluxe Body Factory~

~ Tickled Pink ~

~ Fun Art~

~Wicked Temptation~



~Purple Candy~

~Ayva's Attic~

~Gathering Designs~

~OhLaLa Fashion~


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