Monday, July 29, 2013

Everything 50L or less!

The Rabbit Hole Sales Room on KaTnipZ Wonderland is now open and 20 designers offer several items for 50L or less! Some even did Alice in Wonderland themed goodies for you! This offer will only last for 2 weeks before the items change again.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

KaTnipZ Wonderland Opening 50% OFF Porch SALE

Finally, Alice arrive in Wonderland and as opening gift we present you a  50% OFF Porch SALE.

Every Designer puts 2 or more items out on their porch or inside their store. There are also some great Alice in Wonderland themed clothes and furniture you should not miss!

Come, explore and get your bargains before they are full price again! The Sale will lat until the 28th of July!!!

Here is one of our Wonderland Exclusives. Red Queen Outfit by Sugar & Cyanide
It comes with, boots, crown and dress, jewelry not included!

Besieged made those 2 gifts, for you FREE to pick it up at his store!

Some of our designers are: Barely Legal, ModaMia, Sugar & Cyanide, p u r e Perfection, EBMod. Fashion Krush. Beautiful Dirty Rich, Sugar Rush, Pink Bandaid, Toxic High and many more!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

KaTnipZ Wonderland

After several successful hunts, like the Sexy Nerd and Happily Ever After???, KaTnipZ Events has now their own Event Sim! KaTnipZ Wonderland brings you back to your childhood dreams, when everything was possible and even the most nonsense made sense to us. Who doesn't remember the Smoking caterpillar or the disappearing sassy Cheshire Cat, off with your head and a unbirthday tea party with the mad hatter?
NOW is YOUR time to go down the rabbit hole. Come and join the mad family. Rent your store today, participate in sim hunts, grid wide hunts, daily sales, weekly sales, or just our own separate sales room.

We also have a Facebook now!

Here are some pictures for you but the real deal is always better so you should tp here today!

Hmm, which way do I go now???

The Sassy Cheshire Cat is making fun of me again!

Have a smoke with the caterpillar to relax. He will feature the daily O R U sale also!

Are these white roses I see? Off with their heads!!!

There is much more to discover. Come down and see for yourself. There are also many opportunities for designers. We have 24 card stores, a rabbits hole sales room, O R U daily sale, Mad Hatter Midweek Sale, sim hunts and events and of course our grid wide hunts.
You can grab all information in the welcome center!

Hope to see you soon in our little Wonderland.