The Rabbit Hole Sales Room Events

To apply as designer, just send me (Kralicecik Dufaux) a NC with your name, LM to your store and store logo, that is all! If you are accepted I will send you everything you will need.

- All items must be priced at max 80L
- Participation fee is 150L, you will get 10 prims
- The item has to be (new*) and exclusive (that means it cannot be used in other events at the same time)
- The item must refer to the topic Hipster Chic"
- Setup must be done before the 8th!
- Fee is to be paid to the rental box when you choose your board.
- People can vote for best item on the blog, the winner will get the next round free and be placed in the entrance area (in order to participate you need to send me your vendor picture for the blog)

* I understand that some designers are swamped with work so it doesn't have to be totally new if you cannot do it, but it shouldn't be very old and it should be exclusive for the duration of the event.


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