Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hipster Princess Hunt Challenge started!

Hello Trendsetters!

It is time to put on your Hipster Hat and Glasses and go on the hunt for 35 different outfits all recreations of video game characters in the finest Hipster Fashion!
Every designer got one character to be inspired by, so everything in this hunt is totally unique.
Go to the Hints page to follow all the leads. Please be aware that not all stores might be ready in time or dropped out! In that case just skip the store and go on with the next.

You can always seek for help in the KaTnipZ Events Group 

Here some simple rules and information:

- This is a 5L Hunt, not free!
- Please don't give away hiding places in group
- Please don't contact the designers with problems, contact me (Kralicecik Dufaux) via NC instead.

Now get your hunt on before everybody does it.... What are you searching for? A Mustache with a Crown!

xoxo KaTniP