Rabbit Hole Theme Contest!

Hello there ^^

Thank you for your interest in our contest! What is this all about you ask? Well it is fairly simple.
Our bi-weekly sales room "The Rabbit Hole" features a new theme every round. And this time we thought why not let the people decide, after all you are the ones the items are made for!

What do you have to do?

1. Make up a fun theme
2. Design a poster for that theme
3. Submit the theme + poster (or link to the poster)  in a NC to the KaTnipZ Events Group
-> Teleport now!

What should be on the poster?

Here is a simple model of an old poster  
The important features are:
1. KaTnipZ Events presents capture
2. Theme Name
3. Dates (which I will tell you if you win)
4. All items max. 80L
5. In the Rabbit Hole Sales Room
5. Of course your name!

What can you win?

1. 500L prize money
2. A featured post on the blog about you and your life in SL

That is all there is, pretty simple huh? So what are you waiting for? Get on inventing and show us your great idea!

Good Luck
KaTniP (Kralicecik Dufaux)

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