Hipster Princess Hints, SLurls and Prize Previews

Here are the Hints, SLurls and Prize Previews of the Hipster Princess Hunt Challenge. Click the store names for a direct teleport.

Princess Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy)
~Pay at the counter  !!~

2. Kawaiia -Aeris (Final Fantasy)
~search for shoes full perm up stairs~

3. [KRC] kalraye confections -Fat Princess (Blue)
~save the princess from the evil one's Clutches!~

4. ..::Gone NuTz::..-Ms. Pacman
~I like to watch over the new 60L weekend items~

5. Stelloane-Prinicess Marle (Chrono Trigger)
~she is wondering if she should buy babsie cute or babsie rock shoes...~

6. ModaMia-Fat Princess (Pink)
~ go up go down your prize will be found~

7. Brii Underground Wear-Samus (Metroid)
~Turn on the lights~

8. Lunasea Fashion .Lightning (Final Fantasy)
~There is no Full Moon Tonight~

9. Ashmoot-Princess Kitana (Mortal Kombat)
~Do you need looking for some of the bags that are in the store to find the Princess Kitana!~

10. Dahllywood-Faith (Mirror's Edge)
~Somebody call the doctor.~

11. Love Zombie-Agnes Oblige (Bravely Default)
~Slouched Tees are Hipster.. right?~

12. *ToXiC*H*-Claire (Resident Evil)
~ I love to play game simon says.~

13. Fantasia-Lara Croft
~I've been traveling the deep and dark seas.~

14. Souled Out-Serah (Final Fantasy)
~Look here and your fortune is assured.~

15. *Sheik Bags*-Zelda
~I am were i belong ~

16. ~Mesh Glam~ -Eva (Metal Gear Solid)
~Let's mix music the old school way using the turntables and vinyl~

17. Coull Creations-Chell (Portal)
~Love Is All You Need!!! ~

18. [F]uchon-Jill (Resident Evil)

19. Lil'Gem's-Amaterasu (Ookami)
~Inside my empty bottle I was constructing a lighthouse while all others were making ships.~

20. .: Eclectic Stars :.-Jade (Mortal Kombat)
Hipsters are all about Andy Warhol style~

21. Purple Candy-Coco (Crash Bandicoot)
~Cupid? but is april!~

22. {.::GalaFashionDesign::.}-Morrigan (Darkstalkers)
~I'm a 'WILD' Princess~

23. *Uni-qu3*- Judith (Tales of Vesperia)
~magic box full of surprises~

24. Goddess Couture-Princess Daphne (Dragons Lair)
~Some new faces in games today~

25. Sugel Co.-Amy (Sonic)

26. Loordes of London-Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat)
~by the bargains~

27. {mary cakes} design-Glados (Portal)
~Princesses will keep dry in these outfits~

28. MISS JEWELL -Bayonetta
~Are you a Princess or a Queen?~

29. Pinup Girls of SL-Chun Li (Street Fighters)
~be hip to give a gift~

30. Les sucreries de Fairy - Ayane (DOA)
~I Love Alice in wonderland ~

31. Mesh Monster-Michelle Chang (Tekken)
~Look for something sweet~

32. Dark.Lotus-Princess Elise (Sonic)

33. NR Designs-Marie Rose (Dead or Alive)

34. [RedLine]-Princess Daisy (Super Mario Bros.)

35. ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::...-Yuna (Final Fantasy)
~Could you answer the phone please?~

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