Thursday, January 30, 2014

Enchanted Rockabilly Hunt has started!

Hello all Rockabilly and Fairytale fans... It is time for something special today. KaTnipZ Events brings you another challenge with the theme "Enchanted Rockabilly". You ask what that is? Well it's simple. Every designer got a different fairytale character to recreate as rockabilly version. They used colors, key features, characteristics, props etc to make them a unique outfit. 

But enough talking, there are 45 totally different outfits and accessories waiting for you to be found. What are you searching for? A flaming 8 Ball.

Additional Information:

-This is a 5L Hunt - it is not free!
- Please do not contact the designers with anything, search help in the group KaTnipZ Events or contact Kralicecik Dufaux via NC.
- Please be aware that some designers may have dropped out or are not ready in time. Follow the hint page for updates!

Happy Hunting!

KaTniP (Kralicecik Dufaux)

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