Thursday, November 14, 2013

Super Heroines, Super Villains, Super BOOBS!

Hello Fighters,

The Heroines and Villains of all time crash landed into KaTnipZ Wonderland and it is your duty to help them! There are over 40 outfits for you to find in the whole forest. Can you collect them all?
But before you start searching you should know this:
This is no ordinary hunt! This is a hunt challenge. Every designer got one or two characters to be inspired by. This means for you, over 40  TOTALLY DIFFERENT outfits. Most of the gifts are 5L some are 20L. "Why?" you ask? Because some Designers made the effort to accept two challenges and we want to show them some appreciation.

What are you looking for? A bright POW sign. So come on stumble into our comic forest and find all gifts. If you need help you can join our KaTnipZ Events group inworld.
Also you can find all hints and gift previews on the hint page here on the blog.

Happy hunting and good Luck everybody!

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