Monday, November 25, 2013

New Round of the Rabbit Hole Sales Room!

To enhance your shopping experience we will show you from now on all items sold in our Rabbit Hole here on the blog. All items shown here are sold for 50L or less and will only stay up for 2 weeks. So don't be late and get them before they are full price again!

[::Imp Tail::]

40L and 25L Gachas

50L incl Phat Azz Applier

Gala Fashion Design

50L Gachas

 50L incl. Boobie Appliers

50 L Shirt and Blue Pants

50L Nails and Clutch

50L Alice in Wonderland Necklace

Myraii Style

50L Gachas

40L Gachas

30L Gachas

50L Dresses and Shirts


50L Shorts and Top

Toxic High

All items 50L incl Phat Azz and Tango applier

Fun Art

 40 L Gachas

50 L Shirts for Men and Women

0L Gift

C.C Kre-ations

40L Gachas

50 L Skirts

50L Accessories

RM Style

50L Gachas

50L item


50L Outfit in 3 colors inc Bobbie Applier

Penny Cakes

50L Dress in 3 colors

OhLaLa Fashion

5 different Butterfly Buddies for 50L each


15L Gachas

50L Outfits


50L Leo Outfit

Sugel Co.

50L Headbands in 6 colors


25L and 35L Gachas

50L Shirt incl applier in 9 colors

Purple Candy

50L Gachas

50L Outfit inc Boobie applier in 5 colors

Souled Out

Unisex Shoes in 5 colors

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