Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hello my Mad Hatters,

Today the first Mad Hatters Midweek Sale started! This means participating stores put 1 item out for only 40L for 2 days! Come to the wonderland Sim and get your bargains today. Below is a list with the participating stores.
How do you find the item? It is marked with a hat, this one 

1. Loordes of London
2. Dazed Dezinez 
3. OH LA LA 
4. ModaMia
5. Newtique 
6. Sugar&Cyanide-
7. Souled Out 
8. Czarny Kanarek 
9. Toxic High -ok
10. Damned Dolls 
11. Capacious 
12. Almost Wonderland 
13. Wicked Sin Creations 
14. Elegant Goth 
15. Tit's up 
16. EBMod 
17. Sacred Dreams 
18. VF 
19. Princess Oddities 
20. Forbidden Designs
21. [trs]

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