Friday, August 30, 2013

Alice fell through the Rabbit Hole now!

We hope you brought fun but also patience to do this hunt. To find all gifts you need to explore our Wonderland, even go into some stores. Look high and low and also behind. But if you have trouble finding the one or other gift I am sure you can find help in our KaTnipZ Events group. What are you looking for? A yellow playing card!

Before you start here are some things you should know:

- This hunt runs from August 30th to September 30th
- This is a 5L Hunt.
- All Gifts are hidden on the sim. Some are in the forest, some are in the designers stores. It is your job to follow the hints and find it out.
- You can find all hints on this blog, there are also some prize previews.
- Please don't contact the designers if you have trouble finding their item, ask for help in the group
- Not all gifts are clothes with appliers, you can also find accessories, shoes, skins and furniture to park your sexy behind on.
- No griefing or rude behavior is allowed. We will not hesitate to ban rude people.
- Please try to reduce the scripts you are wearing to a minimum to keep the sim relatively lag free.
- If there is too much lag please do not complain just come back another time when it is not so full ^^
- If you have any other questions you can contact Kralicecik Dufaux or Djarum Eldritch for help

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