Monday, March 10, 2014

Mysteries of the Sea Hunt Started!

Hello Mermaids, Sirens, Fish, Pirates but also Landlubers!

Our new Mysteries of the Sea Hunt just started and you are all invited to join us. A lot of designers created an unique item or outfit for you to find in their stores. All are themed around the ocean and the mysteries it contains. Come with us to the journey and be our guest while we explore the sea together.
What are we searching for you ask? A Starfish of course!

Now enough talking, more hunting! Start here -> Starting point (Deluxe Body Factory) and follow the hints on the Hint and SLurl page.

Information about the hunt:

- Please be aware that not all designers are ready or some of them may have dropped out! In that case just skip the store and go on with the next one. Come back later to see if the store has submitted their hint.

- This is a 5L Hunt! It is not free.

- Please don't contact the designers if you have any questions you can use our inworld group KaTnipZ Events or contact me via NC (Kralicecik Dufaux)

Now Happy Hunting!
xoxo KaTniP

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