Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Diamonds are a girl's best friend - started!

Marilyn Monroe knew it long before us and it's still true.There is nothing like diamonds to make a girl happy. With Valentine's Day just around the corner what better gift to give to a lady. Forget about chocolate, roses and cards which at some point will be gone, eaten or lost... no diamonds those will last for ever.

The winner of last round with the theme "Rock n' Roll Baby" was Deluxe Body Factory. You can find her this round at the entrance of the room .

And here are the item previews. Please don't forget to vote again for your favorite on the right side of the blog.

~Wicked Temptation~


~Kalraye Confections~

(sold separately)

~Lunasea Fashion~

~Lutricias Luxuries~

~Toxic High~


~OhLaLa Fashion~

~PA Designe~


~Beyond the Stars~





~Brii Underground Wear~


~Sugel Co.~

~Souled Out~


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