Sunday, June 30, 2013

And the winner lived Happily Ever After???

A while ago we organized the Black and White Cat Hunt. Some of you may remember :) We had a poll for which hunt gift was the most popular and here it is "Crazy, Weirdo, Bipolar" by Cameron Vasiliov, owner and designer of ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::...

This outfit comes with so much it really is crazy, weirdo and bipolar. Where do I begin? It has ears, a tail, shoes, socks, a collar and of course a dress ^^ It proved so popular, that several bloggers featured it, like here.

This item was exclusively designed for the Black and White Cat Hunt but it will also be available in different colors for sale soon.

But that's not all. Because you voted this gift as your favorite, ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... is now the starting location of our new Happily Ever After??? Hunt which begins NOW!

So be prepared for lots of princessy but also evil items. What are you searching for? A red or black apple, you decide, are you the villain or the good guy???

Congrats Cameron and Happy Hunting to everybody



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