Monday, March 25, 2013

Black and White Cat Hunt

Are you a good or a bad kitty?

Hello Designer,

I recently founded this new group and blog. And to start off I came up with this idea:

I'm thinking of a hunt where the designer can decide if he/she creates a black or a white item, this should be related to the topic "cats", and it should be a new release and exclusive during the time of the hunt, be creative, it doesn't have to be the traditional neko clothing. If you wish you can also present two items at once, one black and one white. I don't necessarily refer to the colors, it can also mean "naughty or nice", the interpretation is up to you. But please don't everybody do angels and devils :)  The object to be found is either a black or a white kitty *Suprise ^^*

It will be a 5L hunt and the maximum amount of stores is set at 55.

If I awakened your interest, please fill out an application and send it to Kralicecik Dufaux.
Thank you for your time, 


Join our group inworld to stay updated and for help from other hunters.

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