Alices Wonderland Adventure - GACHA Madness

Hello Designer,

I am inviting you to the first sim gacha event on KaTnipZ Wonderland. 

Down the rabbit hole and there she goes into a new unknown world. How better to celebrate all the weird and unique things of wonderland than with gachas? Every designer gets their own little stand (or if they are renters they have their store porch) to put out gacha machines that are entirely alice themed. You can create what you want but every designer has to make something "special" that he gets from me (one item of a specific character of the books or movie)

Please read the rules down below and if I have awakened your interest please fill out the form below and send it back to me or drop it in my office here :



This is an event organized by KaTnipZ Events, you can join our hunter group inworld:

The group for designers is invite only!

blog: http://katnipzevents.blogspot.de/

» You can participate in the hunt only by renting a booth for 1 month (during the event) for only 300L. You can display 10 prims in the booth
» Fees are to be paid in advance (as soon as you get accepted)
» The items  should relate to the topic Alice in Wonderland,  but NO Resellers, BIAB (Business In A Box), and/or Freebies found in BIAB.
» Gifts must reflect the quality of your shop.
» If you don't get an answer after 1 week feel free to contact us again.
» If you are accepted, please rezz the hunt sign in your main store.


Begin: May 30th
End: June 30th
Event sign: Must be up as soon as you are accepted and must stay up during the time of the hunt.
Sponsorship payments: If you are accepted as sponsor please do your payment right away to Kralicecik Dufaux. She will complete your request ASAP.

Bloggers Group:

Our group has several bloggers so feel free to send your hunt item out to them as preview or when the hunt has started.


»Premium Sponsor: There are 5 Premium Sponsor slots. First come first serve. The fee is 500L. You will have your logo on the board, you can send me ncs with advertisements and I will post them in the hunter group for the duration of the event  and a sponsored page on our blog with your logo, store location and 2-3 featured items of your choice.

»Normal Sponsor:There are 10 Normal Sponsor slots. First come first serve. The fee is 250L. You can send me ncs with advertisements and I will post them in the hunter group you also get  a post on our blog with your logo and store location.You won't get a separate sponsored page. Your Logo will be listed with the other sponsors on one page. Again, first come first serve.

» The event  begins on May 30th and ends on June  30th You should have your items out at that day. If not, due to complications or other reasons, please let me know so I can publish it on the blog and send a notice inworld.

If you are interested in the event please fill out the attached notecard, rename it  "AWA GACHA (Your Name)" and return it to Kralicecik Dufaux.

Happy creating,

KaTniP (Kralicecik Dufaux)


Please fill this out completely and send it back to Kralicecik Dufaux.
If accepted you will be added to the line up, get a group invite and the hunt sign.

Store Name:

Owner’s Name:

Please write down 5 random numbers from 1-50:
You will get 2 characters from me which you can choose from!

Group invitation goes to (if different from owner):



What type of gift will you be making for the hunt (clothes, accessory, shoes?):

Are you interested in being a sponsor:
(see info NC)

If yes, Premium or Normal?:

If yes, please include your logo into this notecard:

Are you willing to follow the timeline and rules of the event :

Do you want to rent a store or booth only for the event?
(Contact me for more info about the stores)

We have our own blogger group, would you be interested in getting your gacha items blogged?:

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Kralicecik Dufaux at any time.

Hipster Princess

-Lady and the Tramp

-Fairies vs Dead Dolls

-Creatures of the Night

-Sexy Naughty Bitchy Gatcha Hunt

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